Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dylan during the decade

Jose Simian in this post on takes a look at what Bob Dylan did during the aughts, starting off with winning the Oscar for the song he wrote and sang for the movie "Wonder Boys" to his Christmas cover album he did for charity (pretty good video for one of the songs.)

In between the Oscar and the Christmas LP were the "Love and Theft" LP, the film "Masked and Anonymous," his memoir "Chronices" (a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist), the weird Victoria's Secret ad campaign, the "Modern Times" LP, the interesting "I'm Not There" film in which six different actors portrayed him, his radio show and Vol. 8 of his bootleg series.

Happy New Year, Bob.

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Anonymous said...

From Great Britain's Uncut Magazine's (Think Rolling Stone without Taylor Swift and teen vampires)Top 150 albums of the decade.

The once and future King.

58. BOB DYLAN – Together Through Life (2009)
Together Through Life was the third of Dylan's albums of new material in the Noughties and despite the typically hard look it takes at the world and its woes, it was a record of rugged ebullience, sardonic vigour, unkempt and wonderfully raw ...

8. BOB DYLAN – Modern Times (2006)
The stately follow-up to "Love And Theft" was less wildly diverse, reflecting for the most part Dylan's abiding passion for Chicago blues, but still traversed disparate musical territories with intuitive panache and graceful aplomb. The sense of whispered foreboding you could sometimes hear on its predecessor was given louder voice here ...

2. BOB DYLAN "Love And Theft" (2001)
Dylan's first album of the 21st century was a kaleidoscopic engagement with the American songbook in all its vast and energising diversity that could also be heard as a musical autobiography and an informal history of America itself. The pensive gloom of '97's Time Out Of Mind was banished, replaced by a wry, sexy playfulness, and a lot of daft jokes. Stylistically, the album embraced with abundant confidence country, rockabilly, ragtime, vaudeville, languid jazz, hard blues and Western swing ...

H. Brute
formerly of Sharpstown, Texas