Wednesday, December 23, 2009


"Our neighbors have a Christmas display with polar bears. Their rear ends are pointed toward our house. Can this be the holiday spirit?"
                  -- "Town Talk" caller, Suburban Journals, Dec. 22, '09
"The populations of Europe, Russia and Japan are declining, and those of China and India  are levelling off. The United States alone among great powers  will be increasing its share of world population over time.  Relying on the import of money, workers, and brains is a Ponzi scheme that works."
               --- Michael Lind, the New America Foundation, in The Economist, Dec. 19th
"We live in the field of relativity. Things change."
                                             -- film director David Lynch
"'Well,' said Red Jacket (to one who complained he did not have enough time) 'I suppose you have all there is.' "
       ----- 'Society and Solitude, Works and Days'  Ralph Waldo Emerson

(compiled by Wilson in The Gateway To The West)

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