Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peter Gammons ♥ Richard Justice

Richard Justice, the sports columnist for the Houston daily who writes a lot about baseball, catches a lot of shit from the reading public, including me occassionally, but I just read an interview on with Peter Gammons who said Richie is on his "must-read" list.

So despite Justice's flip-flops, his condescension toward bloggers and his incessant hectoring of Astros owner Drayton McLane about the money he spends (or doesn't spend) for players, maybe he's worth reading for baseball fans. Make your own decision.

Here's what Gammons said: Who are the baseball people that are must-reads or must-watch in terms of being plugged into the sport?
Gammons: Well, I go back to my best friends at ESPN: Buster Olney, Jason Stark, Jerry Crasnick and Tim Kurkjian. They are must reads. Tom Verducci has always been a must-read. Richard Justice in Houston has always been a must read. I devour a lot and I am a great believer that there are really good Internet-based sites and blogs.

That is all I have to say about Justice, unless he resumes wearing that hayseed green suit that he once wore during an ESPN appearance (which he hasn't done since I called him out on it.)

For the time being, I wash my hands of all matters relating to Justice unless he crosses the line again.

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