Thursday, October 08, 2009

Video of "A Day In The Life" makes you wonder how much acid The Beatles dropped back in the day, and how more pain the Oklahoma Sooners can bear

The song, one of John Lennon's greatest, also inspired Patrick, a blogger for The Lost Ogle in Oklahoma City, to look deep within himself now that the Oklahoma Sooners have suffered two losses.

To assuage his melancholy, Patrick penned a new set of lyrics to "A Day in the Life" and retitled it "A Day in the Life of the OU-Miami Game."

Patrick concedes he may be "too big" a fan of the Sooners:

I read the news today, oh boy.
Stoops and the boys had lost another game.
And though the game did make me mad,
Well I just had to laugh,
I saw the mustache.
It helped make Landry a star.
He didn’t notice the defensive end rushing him.
Offensive lineman stood and stared
Like they’d never seen a defensive end before
This is what happens when the team under performs

I saw a film today, oh boy.
Venables' defense has just lost the war.
A crowd of fans turned away,
But I just had to look,
Having seen the Boise hook.
Stoops loves to turn you on…

Woke up, got out of bed,
Saw the Sooners pull ahead.
Found my way downstairs and drank a shot
And looking at the score, I did another shot.
Ryan Reynolds is slow and fat,
Runs a 40 in 5 seconds flat.
Found my way upstairs and grabbed a radio
Jim Traber spoke and I went into a dream.


I read the news today, oh boy.
DeMarco Murray ran up the middle again,
And though the holes were rather small,
They didn’t pass the ball
Nobody was really sure why they were scared to pass the damn football.
Stoops loves to turn you on…

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Anonymous said...

I am sure they took their fair share of trips, but probably not as many as people who have never done it imagine.

Daily use, for instance, is unadvisable, and most people don't find it enjoyable. It's tough to get fired up to take another hit when you are still recovering from an acid hangover - which would scare the SHIT out of an alcohol hangover.

Once a week is barely tolerable.

Most people I knew got scared and tired of it, and fairly soon got to taking it only once in a great while - annually or less. I don't know about Kesey and the Pranksters but I doubt they all did it every day, or every week, or every month, and relied on other reality enhancements to maintain their alternate points of view.