Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A small example of government dumbassedness

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation heard about this new "social networking" thing called Twitter and paid a public relations firm $7,500 to set up a Twitter account.

"There’s no word if ODOT also bought the clear coat rust protection, extended warranty and a credit report monitoring service, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did," deadpanned The Lost Ogle blog in Oklahoma City, the state capital.

The wiseacre Lost Ogle gang added:

Hell, it only took us five minutes to create a fake ODOT twitter account and then analyze that it’s much better than ODOT’s official one. It’s more entertaining, too. Check these tweets out:

• Odds that the Crosstown Bridge crumbles today: 6%

• We shouldn’t have to tell u this, but don’t give money to the homeless guy on 1-44 and Penn.

• North Meridian between Reno and 23rd is an absolute cluster f*ck. Avoid.

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