Wednesday, October 28, 2009

quote/unquote ...

"The fact that a shrimp changes sex is extraordinary. They are born male, but they grow up to be females. I think if you know that, you'll eat shrimp with that thought in mind."
-- Isabella Rossellini, Newsweek 9.28.09, on her short movies about the sex lives of animals

"That was ugly. Allen was going to kill Larry Brown. He wanted me to fire him. And Larry Brown wanted him traded immediately. I just remember them sitting across from each other, and I was trying to explain to Larry that Allen sees him as the white jailer. That was just his experience. 'And Allen, you disrespect Larry when you say "(expletive) you" when he pulls you out of a game.'"
-- Pat Croce, former 76er owner, about Allen Iverson and his then coach, Larry Brown

"Johan Cruyff used to say he enjoyed hitting the post as much as scoring. He loved the sound. This might be why he is the greatest player of all time but doesn't have a World Cup winner's medal."
-- Mike Shallcross, during commentary today of Arsenal v. Liverpool,

"Their learning is like bread in a besieged town: every man gets a little, but no man gets a full meal." ---- Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), talking about the Scots
"I don’t care if McGwire hit .500 for his career and hit 1000 home runs. The man (if you can call him that) is a cheater, a liar, and a coward. He is a disgrace to the game of baseball, the Cardinals (once great) franchise, the city of STL and every fan. The Cards might as well replace the beloved Birds on the bat symbol with Birds on a giant hypodermic syringe. As a fan of more than 30 years I find it disgraceful that the Cards F.O. would even think about bringing this cheating liar to the team. I cannot continue to support a team that allows disgraceful cheaters. The Cards will not get 1 more dollar from me as long as McGwire is part of the organization."

-- in St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a comment by reader who used the pseudonym "Monster"

[Ed.'s note: compiled, as always, by Wilson in St. Louis.]

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