Thursday, July 09, 2009

Funny, creepy & a lil' disturbing

Background: Mom cancels teen's Warcraft account.

Teen proceeds to freak out.

Delighted brother of teen hides camcorder in room to secretly tape bro's freak-out.

OK, it's:

1. funny cause ... it just is.

2. creepy cause this gaming shit really does get out of hand for some young people; I have this on good authority from a few people I know. There's gotta be some brain studies somewhere that shows a clinical addiction component is involved. And the utter delight of the younger brother who hides the camcorder and puts the viddy on YouTube is not kindly brotherly behavior (if such a thing exists.) Lil' bro is just a bit too excited to see his brother in such extremis.

3. disturbing cause, well, this kid's reaction is more in line with that of a 3-year-old. Hope that family has a good mental health clause in their insurance policy. LOL.

(Editor's note to our "young readers" -- if you haven't yet made the decision to procreate, consider not doing so. Otherwise, the scenes depicted above may be in your future.)

[YouTube viddy link via "Kangaroo Andy," a commenter on The Z. Report]

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Anonymous said...

Oh, procreation is a bitch, leavened by a lot of good stuff but freighted with boys, myspace, rap, questionable friends etc etc