Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Chia Obama -- go for two!

Saw a TV ad for Chia Obama just a minute ago during the CNN news and initially thought it was a joke.

But it's not.

Only $19.99.

Comes in either a happy Obama face or a determined Obama face, your choice.

Our suggestion: get both.

Place one in a spot of prominence, like on top of the TV, depending on your mood and/or the politics of the company comin over, or maybe the state of the nation at the moment.

Switch it out with the other Chia Obama if your mood changes or the politics of your company comin over changes or the nation takes a turn for the worse (or the better.)

Sound like a plan?

Walgreen's, it says here, has ordered its stores in Chicago and Tampa to pull the product from its shelves, saying it's racist.

I don't get that.

Joseph Enterprises, the maker of "The Clapper" , is the operation behind the Chia Obama.

It's just trying to turn a buck. That's the American way. And Mr. (or Ms.) Joseph is probably a great American.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, a lot of people turned a buck with slavery, too. You endorse that, Banjo?

Banjo Jones said...


Alexander said...

When I first saw the TV commercial for chia obama I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Laughed til I cried. I still can't believe it's for real...