Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crazy, yoga-stretching hippies built a crazy, hippie house on a lake in Angleton in 1972

Neon Poisoning wrote about it first.

Hair Balls picked up the story and eventually found the place after two trips to Angleton, county seat of Brazoria.

Hairballs couldn't get up to the house since it was fenced-off and there was a lock on the gate. (They shoulda hopped in the fence, in our opinion.)

Anyway, the house, constructed by the Ant Farm Collective, the same people that planted the old Cadillacs in the ground up in Amarillo that's fairly well-known all over and which is called Cadillac Ranch, built this structure in Angleton in 1972 to commemorate man going to the moon.

The house now is flood-damaged, overgrown with vines and allegedly a haven for spiders and vultures.

Our question is this: Does anyone out there know who owns it now? I'd like to call them. Do a little phone interview.

(Editor's note: There's a brief glimpse of a completely naked woman in the embedded video, so be mindful of who you share the YouTube video with.)


Bill Crider said...

I thought Stanley Marsh 3 was the guy who created Cadillac Ranch. I used to get letters from him now and then.

Banjo Jones said...

well, Bill, I want to say it was a collaborative effort, but I'm really not sure. I'll see if it can find out conclusively.

Swearengen said...

If I could figure out where this was on a map I'd go to the county clerk with the lot & block and find the current owner.

Google is not cooperating with my laptop right now. :|

Banjo Jones said...

i don't have that info but if you find out anything let me know, Swearengen.

Swearengen said...

The house was designed as a weekend house for Alvin and Marilyn Lubetkin. Marilyn was the daughter of Jake S Oshman, of retail sporting goods fame. Marilyn married Alvin Lubetkin in 1960, who was a Harvard educated broker at the time. He joined Oshman's retail a year later then left a year after that. In 1964 he rejoined Oshmans and six months later Jake Oshman died, moving him up the Oshmans managerial org chart.

This house has a lot of interesting history Banjo. Hope the phone number I sent you gets your foot in the door.

Swearengen said...

The deed on 5/10/1968 with the Brazoria county clerk titles the land to Marilyn Oshman and her sister Judy. I think those initals are where Mo-Jo Lake came from.

Marilyn Oshman - Judy Oshman

Or it could have been Marilyn and her dad of Oshman's Fame, Jake Oshman.

Marilyn married Alvin Lubetkin and Judy married Barry Margolis. Both have divorced and Marilyn passed a few years back.

Bill C was right about Stan Marsh. He had Michaels and Lord of Ant Farm fame do the original Cadillac Ranch that Springsteen sang about.

Clint said...

I remember demolitioning the illuminated walkway on this house back in 1995ish for the Oshman's. The decor seemed a bit different although it is hard to tell from the video. It looks worse than it did then from the video. The inside at that time was amazing and didn't look like it had been flooded, but it was run down. The woodwork appears to be carved from a single piece of wood. Seating was accommodated with holes in the floor. The bathroom was sea themed with a giant shell as the tub and corral coming up as the shower. It seems I remember naugahyde seats by an orange tinted dome window, and psychodelic paintings under the wood carved dinner table with a blacklight attached to the underside of it. It's been a while, but it was an amazing house even in the condition it was in. The house was owned by the Oshman's family in '95. I'm not sure who has it now. I am not sure why we removed the walkway I guess they may have thought about renovating it or it was a possible hazard for trespassers. Their may be an article in Playboy back in the 1970's written about it, but I am not sure (it does have a fallic look). Really glasd someone posted this video I have described this weird house to alot of people now I can show them.