Saturday, July 18, 2009

9-2-63: Walter Cronkite, JFK, Negroes, clattering teletypes, Paxton cigarettes, Henry Cabot Lodge, Indochina, Geritol, Iron Poor Blood, Cuba


Anonymous said...

Banjo, although your birds succumbed to a predatory pet cat, it looks like the Sidney eagles you pointed us to have all three fledged, healthy and ready to head north for the summer.

Quite an achievement in parenthood, that eagle couple. And they have done it before. Wish humans were as caring about the welfare of their young.

Banjo Jones said...

Yes, I've been following the progress of the young eagles. There was a scare for awhile when the run got pushed from the nest by one of his siblings, but apparently he landed safely on a lower branch and made it to the old nest.

I've been taking video of the barn swallows nesting on our front porch and plan to edit soon and present it for the enjoyment of nature watchers like you. Look for it soon!

Thanks for writing.

Banjo Jones said...

(meant to say "runt" in that second sentence above)