Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cheney is starting to sound like Bob McNamara

Remember McNamara? Many years after the Vietnam War, he came clean about all the lies. Wrote a book about it. Cried on TV, if I remember.

Now comes Dick Cheney talking yesterday about Iraq and how, no, Iraq wasn't involved at all in the Al Qaeda attacks on the USA, otherwise known as "911."

Thanks, Dick. Thanks for getting that straight and letting us know. Asshat.


Anonymous said...

Banjo, he said the same thing that he said back then, that was said by everybody. It was your beloved press that turned it into what you believe. I mean, I'm a prime target for the hated Bush lies, and I never heard anything that linked Iraq to 9/11. The "justification" was utterly divorced from AQ & 9/11.

I know it's a popular myth, but I think yall press people heard what you thought your "masses are asses" readers wanted to hear and put it out there to sell newspapers. Doing a lot of reading between the lines type of stuff Journalists are supposed to be so good at. And still are, I see.

Whatever. Couldn't let it pass.


Banjo Jones said...

No, he's an asshat.

"Cheney and others in the Bush administration have accused the former CIA director of producing the war's faulty rationales before. But by Tenet's own account, Cheney was running with intelligence that everyone knew to be far from concrete. Most contemporary reporting, moreover, suggests that it was the vice president's office who was applying pressure on the CIA to find a tie between al-Qaeda and Iraq."


I know it's ridiculous for me to post this quote to you, TFG, since I've been getting the feeling that you don't believe ANYTHING reported by the media, much less the gawdamm Huffington Post, but whatev.

I'm beginning to think Cheney's gonna run for president. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're right about how I feel about 90% of the media. The reason is exacerbated by that quote: it's Sam Stein's interpretation of the opinion of other reporters. That's cool and all, but it's not factual reporting. "Most contemporary reporting suggests"? OK, well, most contemporary reporting suggests I'm really a sweet boy and I deserve a good woman. No, really, it does.

Cheney making a run at the presidency would be an absolute greatest election battle ever in the history of me. I can't imagine anything more apple-cart-upsetting.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? No frikkin' way, Banjo. He might be nuts, but not that nuts. I'll betcha a case of beer, on that one.

And why would anybody believe anything reported by anyone anywhere? Because it's like a broken clock, right?


G-Man said...

If you can find a quote where Cheney said that the Iraqis were behind 9/11, then you can call hi an asshat. Otherwise, your the asshat.

G-Man said...

meant "you're" not "your". It's late.