Saturday, April 18, 2009

Somethin' you may not know about TX

There's actually a town in Texas named Tarzan.

It's way out in West Texas.

It says here:

Tarzan wasn't formed until the 1920s...The town gets its unusual name from a submission to the postal service that was accepted. There's no telling how many names had been submitted and rejected, but the boys in the postal service thought it was great fun to have a Tarzan, Texas. After all, they didn't have to live there. The year was 1927 and Tarzan's popularity in the comic strips was right up there with Krazy Kat. Of course, when people thought of Tarzan in 1926, they though of Elmo Lincoln instead of Johnny Weissmuller. Not that it makes much difference.

The "turning point" for Tarzan (the Town) came in 1938 when a highway was built from Big Spring to Andrews. It's equidistance made it a natural stop for whoever might be traveling between these two cities. The turning point for Tarzan (the Apeman) was when he met Jane. Everybody knows that.

If you already knew this, we apologize for wasting your time.

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