Friday, April 17, 2009

Casino gambling in TX -- whattya think?

Just read here
in the Dallas Morning News "Trail Blazer" blog that 17 casinos are included in the Tx House bill that's now on the table.

Before casinos spring up, there would be a constitutional amendment voted on by the people, but before that, there would have to be a two-thirds vote by both houses of the Legislature to get it on the ballot.

That's a big IF.

But it gives us an opportunity to put up another poll in the right hand sidebar of this blog.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd go for it. I also want driving on the left-side lane, as they do in Brit. And while we're at it, let's dynamite the friggin' Alamo and re-name a few things around here, like Brazosport. What does that word mean anyway? You know, Banj?

Banjo Jones said...

it means port on the Brazos River, ya lugnut.

Swearengen said...

I'm of the Kinky Friedman school here Banjo and believe that it's way past time for Texas to have casinos. Hell Yes! Can we get it past the god damn Baptists? I doubt it. I love my state and was born a Texan, but belive all our problems and evils here can be traced back to the Baptists. They are some real assholes.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you very much, Swear.

Gambling, pornography, drinking, prostitution, and drugs.

Let's have it all. There ain't nothing wilder than a backsliding Baptist.


Banjo Jones said...

gambling -- a sucker's pasttime.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've yet to meet a vice I hated, whether too much chocolate, weemin, booze, gambling or, sheeee-it, livin'