Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Chronicle's hot, new, completely sexualized website for stodgy, conservative, Republicanized Houston, Texas

Now we understand why the Houston daily's new website, 2995, says you have to be 13 or older to peruse it (although the minimum age requirement is an honor system thing.)

So, hit the "sex" tab.

Its principal author is MILF.

We recently learned, during Sarah Paliln's campaign for the vice presidency, that MILF is an acronym for Mother I'd Like to Fuck. Yes, we said Fuck.

Today's offering from MILF is on oral sex and what foods you should eat so that your sexually-produced juicy juices taste good.

Broccoli bad, papaya good.

Shouldn't there be a picket line protest in the planning stages by now? Where's Steven Hotze?
Rick Perry?
Quanell X?

Anyone? Anyone?


Cory said...

The real problem with it is that its just bad. Mind-numbingly, awful doesn't begin to describe it.

A "proud slut" who's ashamed to use her real name so she posts under a psuedonym?

How about an article on "non-douchy" bars?


I'm guessing the good, hard-news reporters that were laid off feel pretty good about their comparative worth knowing they were valued less than this crew.

Hell, they're not even all that edgy. Fuck as shock vehicle has ran its course. IMO they should have gone all the way and just thrown out a cock or a cunt if they wanted to really push the edginess envelope.

The whole thing feels as if its a 50-something y/o woman's take on what 'the kids these days' are into.


There you go.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a naked frontal of Chron editor Jeff Cohen's wife, Kathryn Kase. There was a time when she was Kansas-hot, freckles in a dance up her chest. Give it to me, Jeff.