Monday, February 09, 2009

Life after work not necessarily traumatic

The Wall Street Journal today published a story about successful people who have a hard time coping with getting laid off or taking early retirement.

Loss of self esteem and so forth ...

But It Doesn't Have To Be Traumatic, various experts opined.

One fellow doing fine is a former prize-winning reporter/editor for the Dallas Morning News.

Michael Precker took a buyout from the paper in 2006. He was real worried, too, about what would happen to him.

"But it has been easier than I thought. I feel lucky," Precker told the paper.

He now manages a "high-end strip club," reported The Journal, apparently straight-faced.


Anonymous said...

Two questions: 1. How does one obtain such a job? 'Cause it sounds like something that might interest me. 2. Which end is high?


Anonymous said...

I agree JD - and personally think that would be a great way to employ some of those guys that Dow just gave a package to!
Brazoria County could use a WHOLE LOT of lightening up - and a strip club would be a GREAT! START!

Swearengen said...

Boss just told me today that my job ends in June. So I've got 4 months to find a strip club around here. Maybe I'll just open a whore house?