Saturday, October 11, 2008

What happens when you go Facebook

Never planned to get on the Facebook bandwagon.

But then a former colleague "invited" me and I said, "Oh, OK."

It's not as geeky as a I presumed.

I've found some old newspaper hands from the Post with whom I've not communicated since, hell, 13 years ago.

This one fella, the subject of the YouTube dealie I've put up here, used to cover police, then schools and then I don't remember what else.

If he's to be believed, he's livin' the high life out in Los Angeles, and making frequent trips to Vegas. Yeah, he's a Cowboy fan, too. Sheee-ut. Anyway, he's an alright guy, which I guess is why I put together this YouTube tribute to him, which I did by photographing the pictures he put up on his own damn Facebook page. Ha.

Oh, and don't get the idea the Barbie doll with the twirling, twinkling dress is mine. It's my 3-year-old great-niece's, and I swear to God, it is her that insists Barbie be topless.


nick said...

Just for love.

Eric said...

I underestimated Facebook as well. Contempt prior to investigation never pays. I'm not keeping in touch with people I never used to keep up with, and meeting a few new people here and there.

Hopefully, you are sharing out each of your blog posts there. Being a blogger myself, I like that feature.

Speaking of blogs, yours is a nice one. Have a great weekend.