Friday, October 10, 2008

In honor of Charlie & the Texas State Fair

We went into the vault for this homemade video, made about two years ago.

It seems appropriate now, though, with the state fair up in Dallas and all.

Sadly, we must report the star of the video, Charlie, mysteriously disappeared from the backyard about a year ago and never was seen again. We hope he found a good new home, whether it's here on Earth or up in Heaven.


Anonymous said...

+1 for the framed Texas flag.

-1 for the fireplace on the Gulf.

+100 for the little dog -- they're the best. My survival dog pack is gonna be 5 German Shepherds on the perimiter and a little dog for emergencies.


Banjo Jones said...

yep. little dogs are underestimated by the male of the species.

the fireplace is gas and never is turned on unless the temp dips below 50. brrrr.