Monday, October 20, 2008

What do Britney Spears and Congressman John Culberson have in common?

They're both on Twitter. 

Me too!

I made the Twitter plunge after discovering it during Hurricane Ike. I'm slow like that when it comes to technology.

It proved handy to newspaper reporters who could file quick dispatches on what exactly was going on in Galveston when communication was difficult.

So now I Twitter (here if you care.) semi-often. Yeah, the wife thinks I'm nuts (that's not a new development.)

I feel it's especially important to share my thoughts during sporting events, major political and stock market upheavals, sudden coup de etats, that sort of stuff.

Now comes word that Britney Spears has a Twitter account (here if you care.) What, you don't care? Why don't you care? 

OK, well, do you care about conservative Houston Congressman John Culberson, R-TX?? (here if you care.)

Houston daily City Hall reporter Matt Stiles?

Tech Guru Dwight Silverman of the Chron?

Mr. Full-of-Crap?

How 'bout Channel 13 producer/blogger Mike McGuff ?

For those who don't like to read (and we know you're out there), the beauty of Twitter is your missives can contain only 140 characters -- shorter than your average lede in the NY Times most of the time.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you.

Hola from the Hill Country and YouTude.