Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well played, sir. Well played

A reporter at Hairballs, one of the blogs operated by The Houston Press, called up the Lions Club in Manvel, located in northern Brazoria County, to give them a hard time about raffling off 100 hunting rifles to raise money to build a Little League field. 
The reporter wound up talking to Tom Amundsen, who wouldn't take the bait exactly and kept his cool despite what we imagine were all sorts of leading questions (the writer was just doing her job; we understand completely.)
When it came time to fish or cut bait, Tom left the Hairballs gal with this, a turned-around cliche, of course, but one that had to be uttered in light of the circumstances: 

And does Amundsen see any irony in raffling guns to help battered women? (for a previous fund-raiser)

“No, I don’t think there’s any irony to that,” he says evenly. “You could say the same thing if we were raffling a Corvette. A husband could run over his wife with the Corvette he won. Guns don’t batter women, men batter women."


Anonymous said...

Banjo, I'm beginning to think you are an equal airhead to the person interviewing for the Press.
Hunting and sports, similar to the two biggies that are far more organized and Kafka-like where multi-millionaire drug addicts and thugs fart around in multi-million dollar stadiums with mindless multitudes paying outrageous prices to get ripped off while watching their antics, guns largely have their most practical aspect in self-protection from animals posing as humanoids out there.

Banjo Jones said...

so ya don't like professional sports, eh