Friday, October 24, 2008

Make-up artist, hairdresser are vital cogs in the Palin Political Machine

First it was the $150K bill for her clothes.

Now it's her make-up and hair.

The highest individual salary paid out by McCain/Palin campaign in the first half of October went to the alleged Hockey Mom's make-up artist, campaign records show.

She wasn't just any make-up artist. She was an Emmy-nominated make-up artist.

Hence the $22,800 bill, we guess.

There was a big hair bill, too, for Sarah's Big Hair -- $10 K -- categorized by the campaign as "Communications Consulting."

This should solidify the middle class vote on Nov. 4.


Anonymous said...

Square this with the botox, hairplugs, and the Invesco Field clambake. Dare ya.

Besides, is that your money they're spending on clothes?


Banjo Jones said...

some of it might be. My wife sent jmac some $.

Anonymous said...

So, you filing a complaint with them over the expenditures?


Banjo Jones said...

but i think most Republican women apply their own makeup and go to the beauty parlor no more than once a week, twice tops.

it's like Nixon said about Pat ... she didn't need no fancy coat, just a simple cloth Republican coat was good enough for her... guess times have changed ...

we have a McCain sign in our front yard too.
again, my wife's doing.
i just sit back and watch after telling her last spring that it didn't matter who the Republican nominee would be. None of them could overcome the wake left by W.

it's all a pendulum, this politcs. swingin' back the other way now.

(play guitar riff here)

Baytown Bert said...

Shoot, I think the woman would good in a tote sack, but what do I know? LOL