Thursday, October 23, 2008

The beat goes on, pollution-wise

Let's sing a song!

The flares shine bright
All through the night
Deep in the heart 'o...



But out around Liverpool (south of Alvin, not the home of the Fab Four), a big ol' flare at Equistar will be burning for the next 30 days or so.

What's cookin'?

Carbon Monoxide 78903.0 lbs (est.)
Ethylene (gaseous) 2304.0 lbs (est.)
Nitrogen oxide 13503.0 lbs (est.)
Propylene (Propene) 57.6 lbs (est.)

This is not an emissions event.
It's a maintenance event.

The explanation:
The Equistar Chocolate Bayou Chemicals plant intends on removing its fuel gas (methane) compressor for routine periodic maintenance. During the time the compressor is out of service, the Olefins unit will be flaring excess fuel gas at its Olefins Main Flare. The duration of the maintenance activity is anticipated to take no more than 30 days (720 hours).

Should be bright enough to have nighttime picnics out on the banks of the Chocolate Bayou. BYOB. Please don't litter.

Meanwhile, some hefty fines went down yesterday up in the State Capitol, says Hairballs.

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