Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photos from Galveston's Terramar Beach don't look so bad

Some frustrated people with property on Terramar Beach on far West Galveston Island sent us these photos
to show that portion of the island's far west end made it through Hurricane Ike pretty well.

Lucky for them, they were on the so-called "dry side" of the hurricane, being located so far west of Galveston proper, and they didn't get the same kind of tidal surge that Bolivar Peninsula got. At least that's our armchair, amateur explanation.

Terramar, for the most part, is located north of FM 3005, the main road through the west end, and thus is on the bay side of the island.

Apparently, the amateur photographers took a boat to their subdivision to circumvent the authorities.

They also sent us a rather peculiar message with the photos, which came to us via the "comment section" of our previous post.

Here's most of what it said:

"Before media became a capitalistic controlled propaganda machine in modern times, reliable communications were among the citizens via word of mouth, smoke signals, etc, which has extended to CB radio and now the internet.

If the citizens would fulfill their ancient traditions the dysfunctional propaganda machine we call "media" would dissolve.

Here's an example of the citizen's media for Terramar Beach (West End) on Sunday when some responsible citizens at their own risk, and "illegaly" came in by boat and photographed their fellow citizens homes, relieving anxiety and neutralizing big media's reports that they were wiped out, that to this date the government controllers have not provided...."


Power to the people and have a Nice Day.

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