Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Galv. mayor cracking under media pressure

From afar, I always got a good vibe from watching Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas, whose forbears played a major role in just about everything that ever went on in that place "near Texas."

It looks now, though, that Hurricane Ike and all its attendant difficulties are prompting her to make unwise decisions -- such as ordering all city employees (except her and the city mgr.) NOT to speak to reporters.

Hate the media, if you want, but it serves an important role, especially in times of disaster.


Slampo said...

After hearing some of the dopey, irrelevant and self-regarding questions these goobers are pitching out at these news conferences, can you really blame her? She ought to order all citizens not to speak to reporters, on threat of permanent exile or caning. Or something.

Banjo Jones said...

you sound like one of those media haters, son. I'm afraid I haven't seen of the press conferences but there's always dumb questions asked -- it's part & parcel to a democracy.

Slampo said...

I was joshin' with ya, man. But some of these "questions," like a lot of the TV reportage, have a real "look at me blowing in the wind on the beach" quality to them----in the extreme. I thibnk the mayoress outghta bite 'em on the ankle. She's a tough lookin' ole gal, fer sure.

Anonymous said...

Before media became a capitalistic controlled propaganda machine in modern times, reliable communications were among the citizens via word of mouth, smoke signals, etc, which has extended to CB radio and now the internet.

If the citizens would fulfill their ancient traditions the dysfunctional propaganda machine we call "media" would dissolve.

Here's an example of the citizen's media for Terramar Beach (West End) on Sunday when some responsible citizens at their own risk, and "illegaly" came in by boat and photographed their fellow citizens homes, relieving anxiety and neutralizing big media's reports that they were wiped out, that to this date the government controllers have not provided.

Here's some more shots provided by "citizen's media."
Brent & Jen : photos : I-45 S / 61st / Seawall Blvd / FM 3005- powered by SmugMug

Hickeroar said...

let's avoid blanket statements about media. While yes, main stream media seems to have jumped the shark, people like banjo, newspaper reporters, and smaller news outlets are still out there doing the real work.

The editor of the Galveston County newspaper was talking about it on 104.1 today. He sounded like a real smart, down to earth guy.