Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Houston daily confuses Galveston w/ Surfside again, but at least gets pretty good viddy

A Surfside volunteer firefighter is putting photos of Surfside Beach homes up on FlickR via the village's Web site, allowing homeowners to get a look at how messed up their homes might be from IKE.

Great idea since many of the homes are weekend/rent property owned by mainlanders who can't get down to Follett's Island.

In this video by the Houston Chronicle Surfside Mayor Larry Davison and Village Sec'ty Lisa Bailey explain it all, noting how the teeny town's Web site has received about 100,000 visitors.

Here's the volunteer firefighter Adam DeVaney's FlickR link.

Embarrassingly, the caption to the Chron video confuses Surfside with Galveston -- AGAIN.

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