Friday, September 12, 2008

Geraldo DOWN!

I was waitin for this to happen.

Geraldo Rivera, the bombastic Fox reporter, has been hanging out on the Galveston Seawall all morning, down by the Balinese Room, daring Ike to do something.

Go ahead, Ike. Bring it on, bitch!

Ike did.

A wave splashed over the lip of the seawall and Geraldo hit the deck.

He came up smiling, and appeared to mutter what may have been the beginnings of an F-Bomb, but the sound was muffled, so no need to alert the FCC language police.

Million accomplished.
It's now on the YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Oink! Oink!
I got a couple of trees trimmed here in West U. with these hurricance force winds. I had been putting it off because the all Hispanic crews around here quoted me $500 to do what Ike did for free. And with no damage to property. The last time I hired them they piled the debri on the street and I got fined for not packing them into properly sized piles and blocking the street. Harley