Friday, September 12, 2008

Awaiting Hurricane Ike aboard the majestic Poop Deck in Galveston, Texas

Going into the Poop Deck in 1983 for Hurricane Alicia was pretty much like it was today for Hurricane Ike.

The difference is, if you're a print reporter, like I was 25 years ago, you just grab a few quotes, maybe even have a beer, share a few yuks with the local barflies, then get out ... BUT if you're a TV guy live on the air, you've got to show your deep, deep concern and warn the bar patrons that certain death awaits if they don't come to their senses.

Actually, I can't remember if I had a beer there in 1983 while waiting for Alicia, but I got a few quotes.

Rule # 1 in media storm coverage: always look for people drinking. They give good quote, if they're still coherent and are not armed.

Yeah, Fox news anchor, these people aren't the brightest numbnuts around, but it's a free country, and if they die, you can say you told them so when you pry the sand-encrusted beer mugs from their cold, cold hands.

Here's the viddy I put together. (Special Thanks to Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb and the Fox News Channel.)

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