Friday, August 01, 2008

McCain's ad -- yea or nay?

I laughed when I first saw this John McCain ad making fun of Barack Obama.

(It was the Charlton Heston as Moses part that elicited my guffaws.)

But is the ad effective in the race for the presidency?

What do you think?

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J. Kingston Pierce said...

This is a joke, right? Is McCain desperate enough to have sunk this low? Whatever happened to his promise of a clean campaign based on ideas, rather than attacks? Apparently, McCain is feeling slighted, because not everybody is paying attention to him. This is an ad created out of petulance, not the promise of superior leadership.

I'll be voting for Barack Obama in November. At least he exhibits honor and intelligence, not just the arrogance of an angry old man who thinks he's kissed enough Bush ass to deserve the White House.


Bill Crider said...

How about "works better for Obama than for McCain"?

Anonymous said...

The description of how I feel about the ad isn't in there. It's not funny. It's not stupid. It's sad.

Because it expresses the actual viewpoint of the majority of Obamites.

As you know, Banjo, I ain't got no dawg in this fight. I opt out of this two-man contest. But I gotta tell you, this near-worship of Obama makes me want to eat a bunch of double-edge razor blades and jalapenos, then puke it all up, just in case it didn't cut my throat the first time.