Monday, July 28, 2008

Worst town slogan in Brazoria County, TX?

Tough job, coming up with a town slogan.

Do you just put on the rose-colored glasses and let it fly, no matter the warts of the town?

Or do you try to be somewhat rational and yet just a tad idealistic, thinking the city someday might solve all its problems, including keeping the weeds mown in the summer and the streets clear during the monsoons?

Someone's always gonna find fault with the town slogan. That's a given. People like to complain, especially those who were born and reared in a town they never left. To them, the town slogan sticks in their craw.

Here in the Brazoria County, the town slogans are these:

Alvin - In Touch with the Past, Planning for the Future

Angleton - Where the Heart is

Clute - Home of the Great Texas Mosquito Festival

Freeport - Gateway to the Gulf

Lake Jackson - City of Enchantment

Manvel - City on the Rise

Pearland - Where Town and Country Meet

Richwood - Gateway to Brazosport

Sweeny - A City with Pride

West Columbia - Where Texas Began

Which one is The Worst, The Sappiest, The Most Inane, The Most Leading, etc., etc., or just the worst in the bunch ??

You may vote in the poll over in the right sidebar. It'll stay up there til I get tired of it.


Anonymous said...

You forgot a good one!

Brazoria -- The Cradle of Texas

Swearengen said...

Lake Jackson gets my vote. It's anything but enchanting.

How about "Lake Jaskson - Birthplace of Gladys Kravitz"? Fitting since they find it so necessary to meddle in everyone's bidness.

Anonymous said...

You forgot "Freeport: Where the Sunsets are green, sort of like Krypton or something."

SF Mom of One said...

Is that Moquito Festival for real?
SF Mom of One

Banjo Jones said...

Yes, SFMoO, the Texas Mosquito Festival is a real annual event.

The town, when deciding what to name its annual festival, selected the title cause there's was nothing else to really hang its hat on except for the sizeable mosquito population that bedevils its citizens.

I give them points in the self-deprecation category.

Anonymous said...

Brazoria - We do so, have indoor bathrooms!