Friday, August 29, 2008

Blackstock hangs his head in shame

Judge James Blackstock took the Spiro Agnew route today to resolve his courthouse sex scandal.

He pleaded nolo contendere, otherwise known as "no contest" to you rednecks unschooled in Latin, and resigned.

Why "no contest"?

Cause it can't be used as an admission of guilt in a future civil case, and there very likely will be civil lawsuits filed againt the chubby, bearded former jurist.

Anyhow, before Blackstock's plea, we heard some low talk that District Attorney Jeri Yenne might be on some kind of "vendetta" against the judge.

We didn't take such talk seriously. We've heard quite a bit of gossip about the judge's shennanigans in past years and despire whatever flaws Ms. Yenne may have, we don't feel she'd prosecute someone without some dead solid evidence against them -- especially an elected judge.

Some might say Blackstock got off light in the plea deal, which calls for fines totaling $2,150 for one count of official oppression and four counts of assault, since he could have spent some time in the county lockup.

Frankly, we'd kinda like to have seen him locked up for a certain amount of time, or at least been ordered to pick up beer cans along Hwy 288. It certainly would have provided a vivid deterrant to lechers in powerful positions who prey on women who serve under them.

Nevertheless, we take comfort in the fact that the taxpayers and female courthouse employees are rid of this kook and steps can now be taken to restore whatever dignity the Brazoria County judiciary has left.

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