Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The latest in a continuing series from a reader in St. Louis.

"Politics and bars, beer and conversation, inappropriate language and a shot of Jaeger*they are linked, are they not?"
---Thomas Crone, "The South Side Scene," Vital Voice, 4.25.08

"You can't rattle us. We ain't no punks."
--- Rasheed Wallace, Detroit Pistons, after game one vs. Orlando 5.3.08

"The secret to my game when I played, when people would say 'how do you post those big guys up?' Really, it comes down to my big ass against their little skinny legs. No matter how strong you are, if you have skinny legs, you have a hell of a time. I'd rather play against a 7-footer than a 6-5, 6-6, 6-7, 6-8 guy because it's gonna be my butt against their legs.I got a big ol' booty. Booties come in handy when you're trying to rebound or get post position."
-- Charles Barkley, post-game show, NBA play-offs on TNT

"Albert Hofmann was an accidental prophet. But his casual revelation likely introduced more people to the spiritual dimension than any other discovery of the last 500 years. Around 1966, enough of my generation had taken LSD to just cut loose. We had a sudden feeling of permission: we felt it was OK to look critically at the world, to ask serious questions about the war, about how this country was governed and what to do with our lives. LSD did that. It made authority look funny. There were many things conspiring to make that moment in history a little crazy, but our reaction would have been very different without LSD. It set us free in a way we'd never been before maybe in a way that nobody had been. Hofmann was, and is, our patron saint."
-- John Perry Barlow, former Gratefull Dead lyricist, on the passing of Albert Hoffman at age 102. Hoffman invented LSD.

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