Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Paulville -- where all the women are strong, the men are good-lookin and the children believe in the gold standard?

I know there are a number of true-blue Ron Paul supporters residing in the Petrochemical Underarm of Texas. Heck, I was one for awhile, and still am, sort of. In a way. Oh hell I don't know what I am anymore. It's all so confusing.

Anyway, can any of you Paulians help me, a simple blogkeeper?

Here's the question:

Is Paulville a joke?

First reported by's Ben Smith, a blogger for
followed up by asking her readers if any of them were planning to move to the new gated community where only Ron Paul supporters/believers would live.

It's sortofa Ron Paul commune, sounds like, and the first one supposedly is going to be out in West Texas with a nice view of the Guadalupe Mountains, according to the Paulville Web site.

Seattle Post Intelligencer blogger Monica Guzman noted that Washington State gave Our Congressman more money than any of the Republican primary candidates, but when she asked if anyone was planning to move to Paulville, her first commenter quipped,
"Do they need help packing?"

Other reaction:

"Freakin awesome" said one.

"This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard," opined someone else.

"I'll move, but only if they build a giant gold Ron Paul statue in the town square that I can worship," cracked a wiseacre.

Said another: would be an awful gaffe for the Paul people to move to isolated communities. That would make it easy for them to be "Wacoed" under any excuse imaginable. Second, a counter-proposal may be in the offing: for Bush/Cheney/McCain/Clinton and the multitudes who support them to move to some old-world country, one that aspires to feudalism, worships "dear leaders," pays homage to a ruling class, etc. Third, we could round up all the Holy Warriors, Zionists, Elitists, NeoCons, and Crusaders into a massive army, ship them overseas to conquer and wipe out the nonbelievers, Cortez style, while the Constitutionalists, pacifists, Greens, and other outcasts reclaim America. Then, everybody's happy, right? Fourth, we could divide the U.S. in half: one half would consist of all the people who want to start wars, tax the Hell out of everyone, burn books, enforce their dogma on all their subjects, print money like confetti, have an offensive army, and so forth; and the second half would be composed of people who want sound money, don't believe in taxing everyone, believe in leaving others alone, enjoy intellectual debate, have a defensive army, and avoid wars and chaos.

So how bout you rednecks? You ready to blow up your TV, throw away the papers, quit the petrochemical plant and move to Paulville?

P.S. -- Guess what book is #10 on's bestseller list?

This one.

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Harley The Hog said...

Oink! Oink!

Welcome to the Animal Farm, 1984, using media, brainwashing and joking to marginalize minority dissent.

Ron Paul's program and supporters is a long gone nostalgic wish of return to a long gone past that ended with Ronald Reagan that is likely never to return now that Animal Farm and 1984 is here, and the great majority of animals support the illusion of cradle to grave security of life espoused on the farm.