Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Springsteen: a reader review

EDITOR'S NOTE:A friend who sometimes reads The Brazosport News saw Bruce Springsteen the other night so I asked him how he was and this is what he said ... his first observation, however, was this: "Thoughts from the springsteen crowd: if I ever gain 80 pounds, persist in wearing a leather jacket and waddle through a crowd of teenage girls carrying nachos and smirking like Elvis - kill me.")

Boss was rockin'

the wife was not on hand. bruce said that mean he
could have hash brownies and kegs of beer back stage.

He did some unusual stuff like "because the night." he
did "e street shuffle" because some guy handed him a
sign that said "please do e street shuffle." no idea
how he remembered the words.
after "thunder road" alejandro escavado came out and
did a tune with the band. then joe ely came out and
they did "all just to get to you."

next encores: "Rosalita," "Born to Run" and "10th
Avenue Freeze Out," then an Irish sounding song about
everyone being an immigrant.

my favorite moment: Steve VanZandt screaming a large
portion of the lead vocal on "long walk home" from the
new album. Bludgey-eyed, turning colors, dripping
sweat kind of like the Joe Cocker I liked. Guitars
blazing. Rock 'n' roll was never intended to be a
pretty thing. Silvio is a rocker.

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