Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama: catchin it from all sides ...

How do you have an altar call after a sermon like this?


Harley The Hog said...

Put a life-sized cardboard cutout of Bill and Hillary under spotlight up front in their angel costumes with Obama hanging from the ceiling over the audience in his devil suit.

Dim the lights, heavy duty organ music, chant who will it be, who will it be? Come on down to Bill and Hillary.

Put a Halleleuja shouting plant in the audience, or turn loose a mouse, rat or squirrel near one of the larger sized sisters and hope it runs up a leg.

Oink! Oink!
From the palmettos of Brazoria Harley

Anonymous said...

Tell the congregation to turn to page 294 in their hymnal and have the music minister kick off the pianist and choir to lead them all in verse one of Just As I Am. After verse one, just the pianist and choir playing and humming a verse, then all sing verst two. Continue until the whole song is complete.

Keep it going, starting over at the first, if there are waverers that need more time to come forward.



Banjo Jones said...

pretty funny, jd.