Thursday, March 20, 2008

Breaking News: White House reporters bored

The White House press corps isn't having fun anymore. Something about the president being a lame duck, not making news, and so forth.

Julie Mason (pictured above), who covers the White House for the Houston daily, explains to Politico it's gotten so bad she's quit taking snapshots of her fellow reporters for her blog.

“[Bush’s] rhetoric is so exhausted. He rarely makes any news. It’s rarely worth anyone’s time to cover him like we used to.”

In addition to covering the president, Mason often chronicled the White House press corps in photos on her blog. But now, Mason said, “I don’t do it as much because there’s nobody here.”

“You hear a lot of grumbling here from people who are stuck in the White House and not getting out on the campaign,” Mason added.

And yet still they wonder why they are so hated.

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