Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bill Clinton passes through

He didn't stop in Brazoria County, but maybe passed through, on his way to Victoria, where Huffington Post blogger Mayhill Fowler, described the scene in an Off The Bus dispatch.

"It's a clusterfuck! Just a clusterfuck!" the Corpus Christi producer for a local news affiliate shouts into his cell phone. He's telling his boss that there will be no coverage of Bill Clinton's visit to Victoria for the 6 o'clock news. "Who's running this campaign anyway?" the producer asks, of no one in particular. "And now five hundred people have stomped away mad."

From what we've gathered over the years, this is sort of the way Bill Clinton operates. He's always late. And it pisses off the local Tee-Vees cause it screws up their liveshots, and tends to rankle the townsfolk who show up in person so their kids can get a look at a real live former president.


Anonymous said...

By the time the Clintons get the mud out of their eyes long enough to realize that this could have been a policy-discussion primary and not an ego-battle, it will be too late again, and Obama - who's all about issues and working things through, and nothing but - will have the nomination.
Maybe the Clintons are just too old for this sort of thing....

Anonymous said...

I heard from a usually reliable source, code-name "Monica", that there are good reasons for his tardiness.