Saturday, February 16, 2008

The annals of Hispanic politics, or, are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton really all that popular with Tejanos?

Has anyone actually seen Bill Clinton's portrait adorning the wall of a Mexican restaurant anywhere in Texas lately?

I'd like to know. Cause I seriously doubt it.

A JFK portrait, yeah, I can imagine that.

Henry B. Gonzalez? Maybe.

Slick Willie? Up there by Our Lady of Guadalupe and/or The Virgin Mary?

I don't think so.

Reason I ask is I've been reading up on the Texas Democratic primary election and came across two mentions of Bill Clinton's alleged Mexican restaurant portraiture (and the derivative effects it may portend for Sen. Hillary Clinton's fortunes in the March 4 Texas primary/caucus.)

In an Associated Press story by Kelly Shannon on Feb. 11, she wrote,

"Former President Bill Clinton is so popular in South Texas that his photograph hangs in many Mexican restaurants, an honor often reserved for favorite local politicians or a portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico's patron saint."

Then, two days later, The Huffington Post carried an item by Mayhill Flower, that said:
"Hillary Clinton's lock on the Mexican-American vote per se, especially in the Rio Grande Valley, is just that--a lock--and likely it extends to urban Harris County. In this demographic, Bill Clinton is revered; his picture, next to that of the Virgin, hangs on the wall of many a Tex-Mex restaurant."

So, what is it?

Do Tejanos hold Bill Clinton in the same esteem as Our Lady of Guadalupe (an apparition, circa 16th Century, it is said)?

Or is the Oval Office's blow job solicitor ranked right up there with the Virgin Mary her ownself?

If any of ya'll have proof, I'd like the name of the restuarant, its location (street address, if possible) and a digital picture that I ask you to please send to me,

Thank yew!


Dusty said...

I sure haven't seen any Bill Clinton's on the wall around the Golden Triangle Banjo! There are quite a lot of bull pictures, however.

Jim said...

Gringo's in Pearland has a photo of Pancho Villa. Does that count?