Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ron Paul's supporters really are nuts

Tomorrow, Feb. 1, is the 51st wedding anniversary of Ron Paul and his lovely wife Carol.

So, naturally, the supporters of Ron Paul's presidential bid are marking the occassion by holding, yes, another Internet fund-raiser.

I'm tapped out. Sorry. But I wish Mr. and Mrs. Paul (pictured above 51 years ago) a swell anniversary.

Now here's where the crazy part comes in.

In the email pitch we received for the anniversary fund-raiser, the pitchman wrote:

Can the media ignore Ron Paul in a two person republican debate?

Supporting the Ron Paul candidacy means more now than it ever has before. Huckabee and McCain have very little money left. If they don’t do well on Super Tuesday they will both drop out. Ron Paul will stay.

Just a little bit more effort and we’ll have the media pulpit for Ron Paul (and the freedom message) that we have been dreaming of since the very start of our efforts.

We're thinkin Mr. McCain isn't dropping out.

But don't tell that to Ron Paul's supporters, God love em.

They're crazy, but we love em.

Now, it's almost time to watch Hillary and Barack square off on CNN.

That is all.


Cawdor said...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Banjo Jones said...

yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add to for people who are not aware Ron Paul supports:

People who make money by tips should be allowed to keep them untaxed.

Getting rid of the IRS & possibly switching to a sales tax that brings illegal aliens & corporate | individual tax cheats (who exploit tax loopholes) into the tax system.

Getting rid of corporate lobbying system that buys & pays politicians.

Revaluing our devalued dollar, by going back to having the dollar be backed by something of value (Gold like before 1974)
Why? Because right now....we just print more money when we need it....making the dollar worth less & less. That means when you buy something with your paycheck.. it doesnt go very far....because companies don't value your dollar very much in comparison to other countries money.

Making a foreign policy that makes a very strong military to defend America, without telling other countries how they have to live (Which only makes them hate us).

Making the government much smaller which allows the taxes to go down even further.

Getting the government out of our private lives, by telling us what to do & issuing 'sneek peek' warrants that allow the govt to go into your home without your permission | take a look & leave.

Democrats are the same as most not be misled.

Investigate Ron Pauls voting record. He stands now where he stood when he first took office as a congressman. All the others give typical election year opinion changing mamby pamby ness.

Telling you what you want to hear.

I can't believe American citizens have become so ignorant not to notice what is happening during these debates.

There is no doubt that if "Ron Paul" is NOT a threat to monied interests in this country (in receiving their tax sponsored corporate welfare.....why would they decide to exclude him?

Obviously he is a threat to their free money & ability to then spend it with lobbyists to pass even more legistlation that benefits them directly.

If Ron Paul has such a low amount of support, why did the mainstream media have no problem pushing someone with no support

(Guiliani was supposedly a wrap for the Republican nomination, with no support the media pushed him like crazy !)

Democrats are exactly the same as most republicans these days. Bought & paid for.

Clinton has been caught so many times with her hand in the cookie jar ( Insider commodity trading, Walmart Union Busting)

Obama's beautiful mansion bought & paid for by his biggest contributor mafia-tied real estate developer

Chicago "slum landlord" federally indicted Antoin "Tony" Rezko. The lot is just 1 away from Rezko's own.

Banjo Jones said...

Well, dude, I agree that RP has a lot of good ideas, and I've expressed
support for a few of them, but my only point in this post is if any of his supporters
think McCain's pullin outta the race, they are NUTS. But, heck, I'll vote
for RP anyway, even tho the Dems are gonna win in November.

Steve Casey said...

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul new book titled "The Revolution: A Manifesto" provides a constitutional perspective in the modern world that illuminates how far the United States has departed from what it was meant to be. And provides insight on how we can regain our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Don't you get it, Steve? The majority of people don't want freedom, they want a check.