Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bonnen doesn't live in Janek's district

We learned this from the local paper in Clute this a.m., which chatted with St. Rep. Dennis Bonnen about St. Sen. Kyle Janek's decision to retire.

Bonnen lives in St. Sen. Mike Jackson's district, so he couldn't run for Janek's spot even if he wanted. Some have speculated Bonnen might try to move up the political food chain now that Janek is quitting.

Local Republican Chairlady Yvonne Dewey says St. Rep. Charlie Howard of Sugarland has told her he plans to run for Janek's senate seat.

The weirdest thing we've heard is that Spencer Tillman, the former football player who lives in Sugarland, might run for Janek's seat. We've never enjoyed Tillman's work as a TV football analyst. We find him very irritating, in fact. He never met a cliche he couldn't resist repeating. So we hope he runs and wins so we don't have to listen to him anymore on football telecasts. That is all.

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