Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ron Paul's best moment in the last Republican presidential debate

The latest trend in these televised Republican debates is the directorial choice to switch to a split screen, allowing viewers to see the candidates smirking, grimacing and furrowing their eyebrows while the Favorite Son holds forth.

Beyond that, we must admit we're dismayed by the recent spate of news stories and blog postings regarding the ludicrous writings published under the candidate's name some years back.

(We touched on this in a March 17, 2006, posting.)

We guess we'll take Mr. Paul at his word that he didn't personally author the comments, and had no idea they were made in his name, but it certainly makes him look like a dope.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul appears to be the only modern day politician that one can truly judge on the principle of go by what he has done and does, rather than what he "is accused" of saying.

The modern reporter including this gal referred to on the Chronicle and sometimes yourself is far more interested in "who farted" rather than who actually
"s----" and contaminates the place.

Banjo Jones said...

he oughta be more careful about what's written under his moniker, eh.

Anonymous said...

Austin NAACP Pres. Linder doesn't seem to agree with these racist attacks, pegs it well.

Paul's a threat to the established Republicrat/Democan culture of economic enslavement hiding behind the guise of equal opportunity.

Linder's interview is here:

Anonymous said...

There are many who can not separate the philosophy of tolerating people's differences in attitude, whatever it is, from the fallacy of thinking that you hold those same attitudes.

That is understandable, I reckon, but in fact is more petty than intellingent. An emotional reaction rather than logical.