Saturday, January 05, 2008

HELLO, Tehran!

Sometimes we click on our site meter to see where are readers are located.

Sometimes it makes us think of places we wouldn't mind trying to live, or at least visit someday, and other times it reminds us to thank our lucky stars that we had the good fortune to be Texans.

Tonight, we noticed a visitor from Tehran, Republic of Iran visited us at 4:50 p.m. today.

What on earth could someone in Iran be reading The Brazosport News about? Ron Paul? The latest emissions event in the Petrochemical Underarm? What, what?

We investigated further and found what drew the Iranian reader was a Google search that led to the lovely picture that accompanied
this post back on Oct. 26 last fall.

We just hope Iran's sharia-way of justice doesn't get the Iranian reader castrated for possibly stepping over the line.


1 comment:

SF Mom of One said...

The click throughs from San Francisco come from a much more wholesome source of course.

your san francisco correspondent,
SF Mom of One.