Friday, November 30, 2007

Pearland prayer poses prickly problem

The Texas Observer dipped its toe in the religous waters of Pearland politics and shuddered.

First off, we are mystified that Suzy Roberts managed to get elected to the Pearland school board last spring.

We always figured the powers-that-be in P-land vetted their political candidates much too closely to elect someone who would question the propriety (not to mention the legality) of opening the board meetings with a prayer.

(Also, Suzy Roberts smokes, which would seem to indicate some level of moral backslidin' in the eyes of the average Pearlander.)

Anyhow, Suzy Roberts did get elected, and now the town's all knotted up about whether or not to pray before school board meetings (which, by the way, the Brazoria County Commissioners Court still does, so far as we know.)

Read all about it HERE if you're so inclined.

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