Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ron Paul on Jay Leno, with a little help from Johnny Rotten and The Sex Pistols

Our Favorite Son candidate for president, US Rep. Ron Paul of the peace-lovin 14th Congressional District of Texas, acquitted himself quite well on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Tuesday night.

Jay, to his credit, didn't try to yuck it up with the Grumpy Gynecologist and even elicited some biographical information that may prove beneficial if it filters through to the consciousness of those in TV Land who aren't familiar with the doc -- ie., he was an Air Force flight surgeon and then delivered 4,000 babies when he was practicin his love as an OB/Gyn here in the Petrochemical Underarm.

We won't go through his talkin points (gold standard, Iraq, etc.) which you've likely heard before if you follow our writings.

The best moment, for our money, was the juxtapositon of the doc and the guests who followed him -- The Sex Pistols -- who did a song which contained lyrics that went a little somthin like ... "I am the anti-Christ ... (and) I am an anarchist."

Johnny Rotten (pictured here in then-and-now fashion), the lead singer who now goes by his proper name of John Lydon, midway through the song looked over to Jay and the doc to say, "Hi, Mister Paul."

Then, moments later, he looked into the audience and bellowed, "When are ya gonna get outta Iraq?" (The studio audience members apparently didn't know, or else we couldn't hear them over the music.)

Anyhow, Jay brought Paul over to the band after the song ended and the Favorite Son had a big ol' shit-eatin grin on his face as he shook Johnny Rotten's hand. He tthen looked straight into the camera , still with the shit eatin grin, as if he was thinking, "Gosh, they're never gonna believe this back in Brazoria County."
(The 2nd one in 24 hours. We're on a roll! Weeeeee....
A couple readers pointed out the above b&w pic is of the late Sid Vicious, the deceased bass player of The Sex Pistols (See the movie "Sid and Nancy") and NOT of John Lydon/Johnny Rotten.
We think this is an accurate pic of Johnny in the old days.

full disclosure: we own zero of their recordings.


John said...

Dr. Paul and the Sex Pistols! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I love your quote: "Gosh, they're never gonna believe this back in Brazoria County."

himthesipder said...

Whoa back up there. That "then" picture is Sid Vicious, the late infamous bass player of the Sex Pistols, NOT John Lydon.

Anonymous said...

That b&w pic is Sid Vicious, not Johnny Rotten.

bookfraud said...

it is a great juxtaposition, dr. paul and the pistols. but not as great as johnny rotten on "judge judy."


and the lyrics in question are, "i am an anti-christ/i am an anarchist/don't know what i want/but i know how to get it..."

Elvis Allen said...

Ron Paul for President you brainwashed wankers!