Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ron Paul advertises on NFL's "Red Zone," then hits Jay Leno's show Tuesday

Our Favorite Son candidate has money to spend, enough, in fact, to place an audio ad on the NFL Channel and its "Red Zone" program that runs on Sundays during the games.

I heard it this afternoon while checking the scores and was a bit surprised.

Yeah, Ron Paul's crazy. Crazy like a fox! I didn't hear anyone else courtin the hardcore pro football fan vote today. Cha-ching!

This bucked me up somewhat as just yesterday a reader emailed to say the only reason I was supporting Mr. Paul was cause he's from Brazoria County ("Where Texas Began.") The reader also said Paul is "lookin a little long in the tooth." (This person, who shall remain anonynous, said she was supporting "Hillary.")

Hey, we're all lookin a little long in the tooth if you ask me. Take a gander in the mirror.

Meanwhile, campaign watchers in New Hampshire, such as The Atlantic's political blog, say Our Congressman is now "a serious threat in New Hampshire, perhaps not to win it -- although the winner may need only 25% or so -- , but to influence the outcome in a way that reflects his worldview. "

I don't follow that logic. No one else in the Republican field remotely approaches his worldview. Therefore, if Our Favorite Son siphons off a bunch of votes from Candidate X, thus allowing Candidate Y to claim first place, so what? None of them, A thru Z, preach what Mr. Paul is preaching. I don't even have a political science degree to figure that one out.

At any rate, Mr. Paul is getting some coverage.

Speaking of coverage, the Grumpy Gynecologist will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday. How do ya like them apples?

Dr. Paul's co-stars on the show will be Tom Cruise and The Sex Pistols! Can't wait to see if Jay coaxes the doc to sing backup to The Pistols.


USpace said...

Good coverage here, Ron Paul has some good ideas...
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Phlip said...

Go Ron Paul! I'm not Republican but I enjoy a candidate who says what he thinks.