Saturday, October 06, 2007

Picnic spots to avoid in The Petrochemical Underarm of Texas

As identified in the Texas Registry, these are the facilities that have been determined to pose an imminent and substantial endangerment by the Texas Superfund Registry due to a release or threatened release of hazardous substances into the environment:

-- Maintech International. Located at 8300 Old Ferry Road, Port Arthur, Jefferson County: chemical cleaning and equipment hydroblasting.

-- Federated Metals. Located at 9200 Market Street, Houston, Harris County: magnesium dross/sludge disposal, inactive landfill.

-- International Creosoting. Located at 1110 Pine Street, Beaumont, Jefferson County: wood treatment.

-- Jensen Drive Scrap. Located at 3603 Jensen Drive, Houston, Harris County: scrap salvage.

-- Hall Street. Located north of the intersection of 20th Street East and California Street, north of the Dickinson city limits, Galveston County: waste disposal and landfill/open field dumping.

These are the facilities that "may" pose an imminent and substantial endangerment, and which have been proposed to the state Superfund registry:

-- ArChem Thames/Chelsea. Located at 13013 Conklin Lane, Houston, Harris County: chemical manufacturing and recycling.

-- James Barr Facility. Located in the 3300 block of Industrial Road, Pearland, Brazoria County: vacuum truck waste storage facility.

-- Force Road Oil and Vacuum Truck Company. Located at 1722 County Road 573 (Alloy Road), approximately 1,300 feet east of the Brazoria-Fort Bend County line, Brazoria County: oily wastewater disposal and oil recovery facility.

-- Hu-Mar Chemicals. Located north of McGothlin Road, between the old Southern Pacific Railroad tracks and 12th Street, Palacios, Matagorda County: pesticide and herbicide formulation.

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Anonymous said...

I have asked a couple of our county departments to check into the sites affecting Brazoria County. We will look.
Mary Ruth