Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Top 10 Telelvision Shows in Iraq

10. "Extremist Makeover"
Dana H, New Haven, CT

9. "Sects And The City"
Nathan S, Lafayette, CO

8. "So, You Want To Be A Martyr"
Alan D, Hewlett, NY

7. "Sponge Bob Square Burka"
Mark M, Dunnellon, FL

6. "Wives Swap"
Paul S, Garden City, MI

5. "Sunni & Cher"
Mike A, Los Angeles, CA

4. "Kurd Your Enthusiasm"
Jeff K, San Jose, CA

3. "Are You Smarter Than A Goat Herder?"
Larry G, Tallahassee, FL

2. "How I Met Your Mullah"
Mick B, Rockford, IL

1. "Desperate Cavewives"
Jacob C, Sharon


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