Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you ready for some major changes in income redistribution?

Paul Krugman of the NY Times is, and he's writing about it in a brand new blog.

He says, in effect, the country is "ready for a big change in direction."

Do you think he's right?

I'm not so sure.

It seems to me the USA some time ago abandoned the notion that we are our brother's keeper.

I don't see a big groundswell for a new New Deal.

It's every man, woman and child for his ownself, so far as I can tell.

Maybe I'm wrong and Krugman's right.

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Mouth of the Yellow River Group said...

Banjo, you are right on target.

Krugman is dreaming and people like him are the cause and fuel for the everyman for himself world.

The only remnant left is the smokescreen of hypocrisy that Krugman and people like him are hiding behind, while living the real world life of every other man/woman for themselves, the ultimate reversion to Lord of the Flies and living purely in response to our genes like any other species.

Our only hope is people like favorite son Ron Paul and his principles implemented that will automatically bring things into balance, responsibility and synchrony, out of necessity and as a natural humanistic process.