Monday, March 12, 2007

Ron Paul on C-SPAN

We caught the last 24 minutes of Our Congressman's appearance on C-SPAN in which he announced his candidacy for the highest office in the land.

Here are some highlights:

-- He still plans for file for re-election to his congressional seat (in case he's not elected president), which Texas law allows.

-- He's been told he'll be included in the Republican presidential debates.

-- Inflation will devastate the poor and middle class, while the bankers, the wealthy and the industrial/military complex reap its benefits because they get to use the money when it has its most value.

-- He was surprised he won election to congress when he first launched his political career. "This message I thought would not go well with the people cause I wasn't making wild promises."

-- Civil liberties: "The government should be out of our lives and out of our bedrooms."

-- FEMA gets in the way more than it helps after natural disasters. Citing the example of Galveston after the 1900 Storm, he said, "The whole city was rebuilt without FEMA."

-- Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion, should be repealed and the individual states should decide how to handle abortions.

-- There's been talk of him also running for the presidency on the Libertarian ticket along with his bid for the Republican Party nomination, but "I haven't shown any interest in it."

-- Incentives that encourage illegal immigration should be removed, and he fears amnesty for illegal immigrants is coming.

-- The Federal Reserve Act should eventually be repealed. "Eventually it's going to self destruct anyway." The country should return its monetary system to the gold standard.

-- He doesn't support impeachment of President Bush, but thinks if Congressional leaders wish to investigate whether impeachable offenses have occurred, the Congress should do so.

-- Social Security: "If you think we can police the world, run people's personal lives, run the economy and still preserve the Social Security system -- that's a daydream. We have to change our attitude. The answers are so clear and simple and so wonderful because .... the Constitution gives us our answers and liberty will provide the answers that we need."

-- Iraq: We need to get out.

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