Thursday, March 15, 2007

BLOGS: You really do need a scorecard

The Houston daily has just added another blog to its stable, we just noticed.

Let's see, counting up all the mugshots and logos, that makes ... 42 FREAKIN' BLOGS!

And that doesn't count the "reader blogs."

And that's all good, so far as we're concerned, cause we've quit reading the news articles altogether (unless they're hyperlinked to someone's blog, which is how we find 'em) ... though perhaps this blog-heavy menu is a bit surprising, given the Houston's Chronicle's initial, uh, reluctance? to embrace the wacky new art form/conveyance of information/digital soap box that apparently is sweeping the world.

Anyway, the new blog we noticed is being written by Mary Flood, a crackerjack investigative type reporter-turned-lawyer-turned-legal affairs reporter, with whom we once worked at two different periodicals and who allegedly went to school at Harvard. (How do ya like them apples?)

She'll be writing about lawyers, who, by the way, are downright fascinating. And if you don't believe us, just ask them.

It'll be interesting to see how she handles this, cause lawyers can be a touchy lot. Here's a lead right now for Mary -- what the hell's going on with John O'Quinn? Anyone notice anything a little unsettling about some of his recent latenight TV appearances on Greta Van Susterens's show on Fox?

Do tell, Mary.

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