Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shintech must get its shit together

Shintech is the Houston-based subsidiary of the Japanese diversified chemicals giant Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.

It has a plant here in Freeport, where they make polyvinyl chloride (PVC), of which your home or apartment's plumbing system is likely comprised, unless you live a in really old dwelling or one that has no indoor plumbing.

We are sorry to report that Shintech has proven to be a disappointing corporate citizen of Brazoria County, and direct your attention here, to item #39 on the list of "agreed orders" of the Texas Commission on Environmental Equality.

Shintech will be paying an $18,725 penalty for its sins, but it's lost much more than that in our eyes. It's lost our trust and confidence, and you just can't put a price on that, can you?

We only hope that tomorrow, when Shintech's executives are at their local houses of worship, whether they be Christian houses of worship or otherwise, that they reflect on this and make appropriate amends.

We suggest, as a sign of good faith, that Shintech pay reparations to us (ie., The Brazosport News) from their community relations account by using the "Pay Pal" donation box located in the sidebar to the right. The sum of $100 would be appropriate, in our view, as a sign of good will that Shintech is indeed remorseful for its lack or corporate oversight and proper environmental stewardship.

However, if the company wishes to wire us a larger sum (or a less sum), we leave that entirely within its discretion.

In either case, be assured that we will be watching Shintech in the future and hope that the next time we report on its activities, it will be something "positive."

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