Thursday, February 22, 2007

O'Quinn keels over in court!

Houston attorney John O'Quinn fell on the floor today over in the Florida courtroom where they're fighting over the body of Anna Nicole Smith.

O'Quinn appears to be fine, and told the judge that he merely "tripped," but the judge halted the proceedings and sent everyone to lunch.

A witness who was testifying passed a candy bar to O'Quinn when the judge remarked that Quinn looked a bit ashen and may be a diabetic (He is diabetic, CourtTV says.) The judge also ordered that someone give the lawyer some juice.

Last night, O'Quinn appeared on the Fox News Channel and suggested that foul play may be involved in the apparent drug overdose death of Anna, a stone cold addict hooked on Dilaudid among other substances) and he pointed the finger squarely at Howard K. Stern, Ann's "companion" and lawyer, who conceded yesterday he made frequent runs to the pharmacy on behalf of the chesty blonde.

"He had the motive," O'Quinn told Greta Van Susterern.

As Houston-area legal watchers are aware, O'Quinn has had problems with alcohol in the past (and barratry problems too, if memory serves), but so far as we can tell, he's not drunk.

(More later as events warrant)

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